I’m a good listener which means I can provide bespoke, simple and effective solutions. Together we can use a clear lens to see through the day to day fog of running a business.

But who am I to give you advice? Just ask my clients, look at how I charge, and get in touch to find out.

I am more a resultant than a consultant.


Bespoke, simple and effective solutions

50 years of climbing the greasy pole has taught me how lonely the job can be the nearer you get to the top.
Whether it is the years of baggage we carry, or the pressure that sometimes means we can’t see as clearly as we should, prevarication (and even complacency) can set in.
I can be your critical friend. I don’t bring self-help books. I don’t bring highly sophisticated business processes. I do bring what might be called wisdom, experience and entrepreneurial flair.

‘Barry Cole brings wisdom and expertise to business planning and delivery. He has a special ability to listen, question and work through issues and ideas collectively and creatively. Barry’s involvement has made a huge difference.’

Tanny Stobart, Play Torbay

Who am I?
My name is Barry Cole

I set up BCA soon after I left the Riviera International Conference Centre where I had been MD for 15 years. I don’t employ anyone and do what I enjoy; sharing with others all I have learnt over the years, including from the mistakes I’ve made!

My background is primarily the hospitality industry, with a Diploma from the Hotel School in Lausanne working in the UK, Switzerland, France and Austria.

Years of working in Hospitality, Retail, and Leisure have equipped me with transferable skills that have helped a wide range of Clients from an Audio-Visual company to a Renewables company, from an Advertising and Graphic Design agency to a Concrete Repairs company. And of course Hotels and Restaurants.

Using my entrepreneurial skills and my passion for success,  I help leaders  improve the bottom line.  After all, that’s what matters. I act as a critical friend. I am more a resultant than a consultant. I help translate the intentions into tangible outcomes.

I am skilled at listening which means I provide bespoke, simple and effective solutions. Together  we can use a clear lens through which to see through the day to day fog of running a business.

My clients



How I charge
What will it cost?

As a Resultant this is how my guarantee works.
We meet. We chat. We explore what might be the problem/challenge/need.
We agree a fixed fee that you can afford as my retainer for 6 months. If after the first month I haven’t delivered added value, or you can’t see that I would do so, I walk away without making any charge.
Over the 6 months you will get as much time and support as you need. At the end of 6 months the retainer can be extended, or the job may well be done. In essence it’s no win for you, no fee for me.
So please get in touch. Talking and exploring doesn’t cost a thing.

‘Barry is that rare example, consummate professional a perfect gentleman and simply excellent to work with. Highly articulate, thoughtful and fun and simply enjoyable to be around.’

Paul Kennedy, The Meetings Show UK

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